Terrazza sui Crociferi Restaurant

Taste Art and Culture

The restaurant  the Terrazza Crociferi has its situated on the magnificent hotel terrace, which overlooks of via Crociferi.

The Terrace

The view from where the views transmits the feeling of walking along the rooftops of the city. It is in this context that we make the most of the fragrances and flavors typical Sicilian, born of new dishes, but strongly traditional at the same time.

Savory dishes but delicate balance of tradition and innovation, the strongest element that characterizes the simplicity and above all restore nobility to raw materials, indisputable treasure of Sicily. The daily menu is chef decides based on possibility of the products available on site daily.

Finally, a truly unique place, the underground wine cellar, where you will taste the excellent Sicilian and international wines. A unique space and reserved, perfect for special dinners.

What you can do in our Terrace


Organizing events (graduation, birthdays, baptisms)?
Enjoy an aperitif?
Attend the festival of St. Agatha?
Meeting and conferences?

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